HyLifePork Retail Program Launches at FreshMart Neepawa

September 16, 2022
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On August 10, 2022, HyLife officially launched our premium pork brand at FreshMart in Neepawa, Manitoba. HyLifePork, a line of products renowned for their rich marbling, deep colour, and unbeatable flavour, is now available at retail in the meat section at FreshMart Neepawa.


“It’s exciting to have an initiative in town where the community gets to try the product that we put our heart and soul into producing. It’s some of the best quality pork in the world.”
– Tyler Lazaruk (Executive Director of Sales & Business Operations, HyLife)

We spent the day outside the store meeting with the community and giving away free samples of our famous thick-cut HyLifePork steak, and are grateful for the opportunity to share our hard work with the community.

“Great product, the best pork – you’re hearing that a lot today. Just absolutely perfect. A day like today just shows how much the town really appreciates HyLife.” – Blake Roe (Owner, Freshmart Neepawa)

HyLife is all-in on premium pork, and sharing the results of our hard work is special to us. HyLife first entered Neepawa in 2008, and has grown to become the town’s largest employer. Employees at our local pork plant prepare food for global markets, and can now say they provide our full line of premium pork to their friend, family, and community. Just the second store in Canada to carry HyLifePork branded products, FreshMart is a perfect partner to help us share our story.

“This is a really exciting day. I’ve been in Neepawa for eleven years with my family. We love HyLife, I love working there, so it’s a great opportunity that everybody in Neepawa and the surrounding area can come and buy our great-tasting pork here at Freshmart.” – Trevor Lizotte (Senior Director Of Sales [Domestic & Alternative], HyLife)



HyLifePork is a prominent premium pork brand in the Japanese retail marketplace. Our restaurant, HyLifePork Table in Daikanyama, Tokyo, is a food excellence hub used by customers throughout Asia to experience and learn about HyLifePork.




HyLifePork products have the characteristics customers are looking for. FreshMart Neepawa was selected to partner with our premium program because of their commitment to quality and customer service. A locally-owned and operated grocery store in downtown Neepawa, FreshMart is a long-standing institution that offers robust goods to a growing and diverse regional customer base.




We regularly bring HyLifePork eating experiences to the communities where we work and play. Learn about our story and where to find our mobile food trailer here:


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