HyLife Purchases USA Processing Plant

May 22, 2020
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HyLife is excited to partner with Glen Taylor, purchasing 75% equity interest of Prime Pork LLC from Taylor Corporation.

Prime Pork, a recently renovated processing facility that produces, processes, and sells pork products out of Windom, Minnesota. The plant currently processes approximately 1.2 million hogs annually. This will increase HyLife’s processing capacity to 3.2 million hogs annually.


“Prime Pork will allow us to expand our operations into the United States.,” said Grant Lazaruk, HyLife’s President and Chief Executive Officer about the acquisition. “Plants in both Canada and the US will strengthen our supply chain, giving us further diversity in our operations to better serve our customers around the world.”


“I have been really pleased with the start-up of Prime Pork in Windom,” said Glen Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Taylor Corporation. “With this new partner and leadership, I am confident this partnership will be great for the community, employees and area producers. Prime Pork’s location in southern Minnesota provides an abundance of resources, securing hog supply and the other raw materials required to operate a processing facility efficiently.”

“This is a unique opportunity to be able to team up with an operation that already has a network of producers, customers, and employees,” added Lazaruk about the addition of 660 Prime Pork employees. “Our company puts great emphasis on taking care of our employees and our communities. We are eager to continue to build on what Prime Pork has done in Windom and the communities in the surrounding area.”



About Prime Pork – Prime Pork and Comfrey Farms is a partially integrated pork production system engaged in the business of production, processing and sale of pork products. Prime Pork is located in southern Minnesota, USA. Prime Pork has both hog farming and processing assets. In the farming operations, it owns the pig inventory and has contracts with third parties for the barn facilities, feed and management required to raise the hogs. Currently these farms facilities raise 300,000 feeder hogs to market weight annually and source the remainder from third party suppliers. On the processing side, Prime Pork owns a processing facility, which currently processes one million hogs annually, on a single shift.

About Taylor Corporation – One of the largest privately held companies in the U.S., Mankato, Minnesota based Taylor Corporation and its affiliates employ more than 10,000 people in 38 states and 8 countries.  Taylor holdings include, a variety of agricultural holdings, the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves and WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx, the Star Tribune and is one of the top five graphic print conglomerates that serve more than half of the Fortune 500 companies.

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