Stepping Stones: Deb Salyn’s Journey to Community Change 

February 5, 2024
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Her sons inspired her to get involved. Deb Salyn started small, and eventually, her community involvement became something big. 

The mother of two and Customer Sales and Support Representative was recently named one of HyLife’s Volunteers of the Year. As a company focusing on enriching our communities, we annually recognize two team members committed to giving back.  

“HyLife encourages employees to get involved. The focus is on having a good balance of life and work, and all of our core values, at some level, foster that,” shares Salyn. 

During the pandemic, Deb was part of grad committees that navigated challenges and created meaningful celebrations. More recently, she became involved with the Carberry Splash Park Committee, a group working to build a new recreational space in her hometown of Carberry, Manitoba, Canada. Salyn offers sage advice to budding volunteers.  

“Start with the small one-time events and  find the things that make you go- oh these matters, this feels important to me, and I can see the contribution, I can see what it builds.” 

Winning the annual HyLife philanthropy award allows Salyn to pay it forward. As the recipient of a $1,000 donation, Deb’s chosen cause is the Carberry Splash Park, an outdoor recreational project. She is eager to see the investment in action.  

“I want my kids to have a place to come back and to call home other than just visit family,” she asserts.  

This month, we celebrate Deb Salyn’s exceptional contributions. Through her experience, we are reminded that even by starting small, we can achieve great things. 

Congratulations, Deb Salyn–our 2023 HyLife Volunteer of the Year, Neepawa. 


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