Driver Appreciation at Pop-up Roadside BBQ

September 11, 2019
Read time: 1 min

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Last Thursday, truckers entering weigh scales outside Emerson and Headingley, MB, were treated to a delicious surprise. To celebrate National Transportation Week, HyLife set up BBQ stations at both locations and served up 600 pork burgers to drivers as they passed through.

An annual event planned through the Manitoba Trucking Association, HyLife was thrilled to be involved for the first time this year and hopes to return next year. Our very own Guy Walker (Driver Relations Supervisor) and Colin Van Den Driessche (Safety Compliance & Training Officer) got grilling to show appreciation for all drivers who help make our industry move efficiently.

HyLife is proud to give back to communities and peers in whatever way a difference can be made. Walker enthused that “HyLife thanks all drivers that help make our industry move efficiently, either in raw or finished product! Thank you, professional drivers!”

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