Enriching our Communities: HyLife Donates Premium Pork and Corporate Chef JP Judges BBQ Cook-Off

August 15, 2023
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This summer, the sizzling aroma of HyLife premium pork filled the air in Starbuck, Manitoba, Canada. The BBQ cook-off, judged by HyLife Corporate Chef JP Charpentier, brought together producers and feed suppliers to celebrate pork.

The event, in collaboration with nutritionpartners, provided a unique opportunity for farmers and feed suppliers to connect with HyLife and gain a deeper understanding of the journey their pork takes from farm to plate.

Tyler Burnham, a consultant at nutritionpartners, expressed his appreciation for the partnership, stating, “During the cook-off, farmers and feed suppliers were able to interact with HyLife to understand better where their pork ends up and why quality truly matters. Chef JP’s support and guidance further solidified the relationship from farm to plate. Our producers all went home with very full bellies. We appreciate the support from HyLife and can’t wait until next year’s event,” said Burham.

Despite some challenging wet weather conditions, the contestants showcased their culinary skills and determination as they competed to create the most mouthwatering pork chops from a HyLife loin. With Chef JP’s expert tips and tricks, the competition reached new heights of intensity.

Marvin Waldner, a participant from Rosevalley Colony, seized the opportunity to connect with Chef JP around the grill. “We are able to learn more and get more educated about pork. I feel sorry for people who never got the chance to eat good pork like this today.”

Congratulations to all the participants. The success of the BBQ cook-off would not have been possible without solid industry partnerships.

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