Employee Feature: Barak Doell

March 5, 2021
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Barak Doell is a recent Biosystems Engineering graduate from the University of Manitoba. In August of 2020, he accepted a full-time position at HyLife as an Industrial Engineer in the Continuous Improvement department. Barak spends most of his time working on improvement projects for HyLife Sow Barns.

For National Engineering Week we decided to talk to Barak about his experience as an engineer at HyLife.

“I heard about HyLife at a University of Manitoba career fair where I met an HR member who I had known previously,” said Doell when asked about how he came to find HyLife. “This connection encouraged me to apply. As well, I reached out to other people that I knew who had worked with HyLife and their positive experiences confirmed that HyLife would be a great place to work.”

Before his full-time role, Barak joined the Continuous Improvement team as a summer student in 2018 and 2019.

“Two things at the top of my list are the great people I worked with and the level of responsibility I was given as a student,” says Doell about what he enjoyed most about being a summer student. “HyLife has so many amazing people and this helped me feel apart of the team right from the get-go. The responsibilities I was given allowed me to make lasting improvements and develop an array of skill sets.”

Barak went on to repeat himself and added that one of the main reasons that he chose to come back to HyLife on a full-time basis was because of the people. Over his two summers he was fortunate to develop many great working relationships that he said promoted success in the projects he worked on.

We asked Barak what he would say to a university student that is considering HyLife for a summer job.

“Something that HyLife emphasized during my summer terms is that they care a lot about ensuring that you have a positive experience,” said the proud HyLife Engineer. “HyLife will try their best to help you succeed in your work and give you lots of opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills that will benefit your future career.”


“If I had to pick one thing that I enjoy most about working at HyLife it would be the overall positive culture that HyLife has created,” concludes Doell. “HyLife’s culture has been established through their mission to take care of their employees, customers, and communities. Combining this with their core values of teamwork, turning challenges into opportunities, and empowering people has helped work feel less like a chore and more like a hobby each day.”

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