HyLife To Build Feed Mill In Hanover

March 26, 2015
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By Shannon Dueck, Steinbachonline.com
Steinbach, MB

HyLife has announced plans to build a new feed mill in the Rural Municipality of Hanover.

A delegation from HyLife appeared before Hanover Council Wednesday afternoon. Council quickly approved the feed mill which will go up just north of Highway 52 and approximately two miles east of Highway 59.

“We’ve grown in livestock over the years, there’s been growth,” says Denis Vielfaure of HyLife. “There’s just not enough milling capacity so we need to reinvest in some feed mill capacity.”
Vielfaure says with the livestock moratorium in the Rural Municipalities of La Broquerie and Hanover, HyLife knows exactly where its barns are located. When determining the most central location in relation to their barns, Vielfaure says it is the corner of highways 52 and 59. HyLife considers this a central location for farmers and strategic location for incoming grains.

Vielfaure expects to put shovel in the ground May 1st and to be operational by September, 2016. The combined size of the mill and warehouse will be approximately 12,800 square feet. HyLife is planning to be operational 24 hours a day, five days per week. They estimate an average of four trucks per hour loading or unloading at the site. The mill is expected to produce 250,000 tonnes of pelleted feed annually, employing 42 people.

When comparing this new mill to what is currently sitting in La Broquerie, Vielfaure says the Hanover mill will be a little more compact but maybe a little higher.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for Hanover,” notes Councillor Pete Hiebert. “It will bring in lots of employees, we’ll have to upgrade some roads, it will be very good for the RM of Hanover.”
Hiebert says being located off Highway 52, it’s an excellent location. However he says Road 23E will have to be upgraded.

According to Hiebert, most of the feedback he’s received towards this project has been positive. He notes concerns towards dust control and road upgrades have been addressed.

The mill is expected to generate $70,000 in annual tax revenue.

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