HyLife’s Holiday Giving: A Big Boost for Local Food Banks

December 11, 2023
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Kevin Barkman (left) Earl Funk (right)

During our third annual HyLife Holiday Helpers company food drive, employees, and leaders from across operations generously donated thousands of non-perishable items to local food banks.


Acknowledging many families’ current challenges, including rising grocery costs and inflation, our campaign motto was “Give what you can – every little bit counts.” The response from the HyLife team was overwhelming, with more employees participating than ever before.


“We were able to reach a record-breaking amount collectively. It is inspiring to see people give generously to this worthy cause. I am proud of our team for living our company values and being a community partner- this is the HyLife way,” said Kevin Barkman, Senior Vice President, Infrastructure and Environmental Affairs, HyLife.


To amplify our impact, we joined forces with Steinbach’s Mayor Earl Funk and owner of Earls Meat Market  to ensure local families received protein this holiday season. HyLife donated 2,035 pounds of premium pork, which was transformed into more than 1,600 rings of sausage.


The food drive extended beyond Steinbach, with donations reaching several other rural communities. Recipients included South East Helping Hands in Steinbach, Manitoba; Neepawa Food Bank in Neepawa, Manitoba; Killarney Food Bank in Killarney, Manitoba; Virden Area Food Cupboard in Virden, Manitoba, Humboldt and District Food Bank in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

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Our commitment to strengthening local communities and addressing food insecurity is evident through initiatives such as the HyLife Holiday Helpers food drive. By working together with partners and employees, we proudly continue to make a positive impact during the holiday season and beyond.

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HyLife’s Holiday Giving: A Big Boost for Local Food Banks

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