Margie De Guzman’s Inspiring Rise to Leadership

March 8, 2024
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Margie De Guzman’s rise at HyLife signifies more than just personal achievement. It highlights the power of diversity and inclusivity in fostering innovation and excellence in the workplace.

She will never forget her first few days in Canada, arriving in September 2010, under a work permit, then proceeding under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. She was thrilled to join the team at HyLife, a fully integrated producer of premium pork.

“I remember the wind, the strong wind. It was fall at the time, and I came for the opportunity; I had to make it work,” said De Guzman.

Not only did she make it work, but Margie has also truly excelled in her new life, starting on the cut floor, and growing into a leadership role as a Senior Manager of Quality Assurance and Compliance at HyLife’s Plant in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada. She notes that when she started work:

“I always looked at the loin line. I see the red hats, quality assurance, doing their checks, and I said to myself, someday I want to be a red hat, too.”

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Reflecting on her growth, she emphasizes the importance of perseverance, hard work, and the support of her mentors. As a mom, raising two daughters, she understands that success is not just about achieving your goals- it is also about opening doors for others to achieve theirs.

Margie hopes her story will motivate not just her daughters, but many young women newcomers and those looking to make a career in agriculture.

“I think you lead by example; my daughters need to see I overcome all challenges. I share my story, and I want to inspire my daughters.”


In honour of International Women’s Day 2024, we want to celebrate the success stories and progress that has been made in fostering more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

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