HyLife Winner of the 2022 Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District Award

January 11, 2023
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We are proud to be named the 2022 Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District Award winner.



The following article was published in the Carillon and written by Greg Vandermeulen.


Sheldon Stott, Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability said they were overwhelmed to receive the award, describing it as a great honour.

The business that would grow into HyLife began in 1994 in the RM of La Broquerie, the same place the now Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District got its start.

Stott said it’s an honour to have been able to grow alongside them.

“You’re working with a grassroots organization that’s really in touch with the needs of the local landscape and these individuals are residents in these areas, and they really identify those needs at a grassroots level,” he said. “It allows us to contribute meaningfully to the area and to the watershed as a whole.”

HyLife is one of the largest landowners within the area covered by the watershed district and has played an integral role according to the Manitoba Association of Watersheds.

“HyLife’s openness to discussing best management practices and how they can improve the environmental footprint of their operations has led to numerous opportunities for partnership between HyLife and Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District,” they said.

This led to the construction of four water retention projects, the installation of just as many alternative watering systems and numerous dugout and wetland fencing projects.

The award was given for exemplifying sustainable on-farm best management practices in their community and for their outstanding commitment to the health of the watershed.

Stott said their goals fit with those of the watershed.


“I think it’s important for us as citizens of this country and world that we have to build a better environment for ourselves and for our children. I think that just parallels everyone’s sentiments, that we want to leave this place better than we inherited it and we’ve set goals to do that.”
– Sheldon Stott, Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability, HyLife

While Stott said they appreciate the recognition, he added it’s Seine Rat Roseau Watershed District itself that deserves the most praise.

“They’re really the ones that deserve the most credit because they’re the ones on the ground facilitating and making sure these projects are completed … for the betterment of everyone.”

Link to full article: https://www.winnipegfreepress.com/the-carillon/local/2022/12/27/watershed-awards-honour-builder-and-company

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