HyLife’s Support for the Killarney Growing Project: Nourishing Hope Worldwide

September 12, 2023
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We believe that being part of a community means more than just conducting business. HyLife is always looking for ways to impact the lives of those around us and beyond. We proudly support the Killarney Growing Project, a local initiative that makes a global difference through the Canadian FoodGrains Bank.

Growing Hope Together

In our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, HyLife sponsored four acres of the Killarney Growing Project. The Manitoba, Canada initiative aims to alleviate hunger in the developing world by contributing to the Canadian FoodGrains Bank.

Dedicated volunteers like Betty Turner lead this inspiring endeavor.

“Thanks to our many donors and volunteers from our community and surrounding communities, many are helped. Each year, our goal is to try and support as many people as possible, shared Turner, Volunteer Secretary/Treasurer, Killarney Growing Project.

Harvesting More Than Crops

The impact of the Killarney Growing Project extends far beyond the fields it cultivates. The annual harvest represents the power of unity and the profound change that collective action can bring. By providing vital sustenance to those in need, this project is not just nourishing bodies; it’s nourishing hope. To celebrate the red spring wheat harvest, roughly  200 people came together to enjoy a meal in late August.

At HyLife, we firmly believe that giving back is not just a responsibility but a privilege. By supporting initiatives like the Killarney Growing Project, we are fulfilling our commitment to corporate social responsibility and embodying the values that define us as a company. We understand the importance of investing in initiatives that make a tangible, positive difference in the world.

Congratulations to the Killarney Growing Project; we applaud the remarkable efforts and spirit of generosity.

To learn more, we encourage you to read the full article here- https://discoverwestman.com/articles/killarney-foodgrains-harvest-day—it-is-a-true-celebration


Photo credit- Discover Westman

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