Sharon Soroka – HyLife (Neepawa) Volunteer of the Year

December 19, 2019
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The HyLife Volunteer of the Year from Neepawa for 2019 was recognized this week in Neepawa. Congratulations to Sharon Soroka, HACCP Coordinator at Foods and a vital contributor to the culture at HyLife, for being selected by her peers for inspiring the spirit of volunteerism in others.

Sharon often sees needs in the workplace and community and addresses them before others are even aware. She started her career at HyLife working on the cut floor and soon became a supervisor. Her caring attitude and willingness to help make the transition period easier for new employees, who she treats like family, is as apparent now as it was when she started.

As HyLife employees started to move to the region, Sharon was one of the first to make sure that they had essentials in their new home. She would make sure they had furnishings, linens, clothing, and various other items. She would gather these items from others in the community who were more than willing to help. Sharon has built many friendships that are still strong today.

When an employee of Sharon’s, Lindylou, was diagnosed with cancer, Sharon supported her during her illness with hospital and home visits, bringing her meals, and providing guidance and support. She was responsible for fundraising, including a paint night, that made it possible for Lindylou’s mother to come from the Philippines to be with her.

Sharon is also a member of the Presbyterian church where she volunteers in many areas. Supports strongly the Bird Tail Mission for any needs. She works hard to fundraise for programs at the church.. She does this through bake sales, raffles and other events. Sharon also gives of her time to the church by volunteering at any event put on by the church. Has recently been Clerk of Session and an Elder.

Sharon is very active in the community and is often at the helm of passionate fundraising ideas. To support a coworker’s family when their daughter was diagnosed with cancer, Sharon rallied her peers to offer support in her fight. Her example was followed by the entire community and saw an overwhelming response. She also does important work with her Presbyterian Church, the Bird Tail Mission, Meals on Wheels, and the Roxy Theatre.

HyLife donates $1,000 to a charity of the award winner’s choosing. A donation will be made to the Neepawa Salvation Army in Sharon’s name.

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