HyLife Fun Days 2022 Gifts More Than $170,000 to Charity

October 28, 2022
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Giving back to organizations who make an impact in the places our workforce calls home matters. HyLife 2022 Fun Days events wrapped up with a significant donation of more than $170,000 to local charities.

The employee appreciation event started in 2011 with a single celebration focused on our head office in La Broquerie, Manitoba, Canada. This year, we branched out and held celebrations in four key locations: Windom in Minnesota, USA, and La Broquerie, Killarney, and Neepawa in Manitoba, Canada. To date, with our generous sponsors’ help, we have raised nearly $1.7 million for charities in our communities.

“This was a chance for our company to say a sincere thanks to those who are key to our success,” said Grant Lazaruk, President and Chief Executive Officer, HyLife.


“In 2022, we took Fun Days on the road, making stops to connect with more employees, communities, and partners. The significant gifts will be put to good use at a local food bank and organizations that support youth, seniors, and our neighbours. We have created a living legacy from these events.”
– Grant Lazaruk, President and Chief Executive Officer, HyLife

With the rising cost of food, Fun Days 2022 recipient, the Killarney Food Bank, has seen an increase in demand. Thanks to Fun Days’ generous sponsors, the non-profit will use the $40,000 gift to convert a room into a much-needed walk-in cooler to increase capacity. Until now, the food bank reluctantly had to turn away perishable food donations due to a lack of cooler space.

“We are beyond grateful. We are so excited, we are so happy, and gobsmacked,” shared Giselle Beaupré, Secretary and Client Advocate, Killarney Food Bank.

“The amount of help that we’re going to be able to supply people with is amazing. This kind of money gets us a cold room and tons of food to put in it, so our little white house with the orange door is not shutting down anytime soon.”

Over in Neepawa, Manitoba, the Kin Club plans to put its HyLife Fun Days donation to good use, including purchasing a Trishaw bike to get a Cycle Without Age program in motion.


“We are just blown away. $40,000 for us to do so many good things in our community; we are so blessed and so excited to see where this is going to lead us. We’ve got a couple of projects that we know that this is going to help them flourish. This is also great seed money to start something even bigger. We are super excited and so grateful for HyLife.”
– Amanda Naughton-Gale, Neepawa Kin Club

In Steinbach, Manitoba, Safe Families Director Michelle Peters was shocked to learn that the group’s transitional housing for youth initiative was getting a big boost.

“This started as a dream. Whenever you start a project, it can be daunting how much money you need to raise. I never thought forty thousand would be on that cheque. It is giving us a huge start to getting this housing off the ground. To be able to start out of the gate with all these generous Fun Days sponsors and also have the community support that comes along with the donation is amazing,” said Michelle Peters, Director, Safe Families Steinbach.

In Windom, Minnesota, Alan Saffert took a few minutes to soak in the good news- a $40,000 donation to support an outdoor picnic shelter, the Windom Lions Club’s largest project yet. “My jaw almost hit the floor. It was such a great surprise. This is going to make a huge difference here,” said Saffert, President, Windom Lions Club.

The entire community will be able to use it. We never had a building in Windom where we could all gather to have a celebration where we didn’t have to worry about weather or building a stage. The building will all be covered, and we can enjoy our beautiful park and each other.”

Building structures and healthy community foundations; HyLife Fun Days 2022 will be remembered for its empowerment, volunteerism, and togetherness.



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