HyLife Masters Program

October 12, 2022
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After more than two years, the 2020 Masters group dawned the program’s prestigious green jackets earlier this summer. HyLife’s executive leadership stopped to take the time to congratulate the group at the 2022 graduation ceremony in the newly built HyLife Pork Lounge at the Neepawa Pork Plant.

“We are entering into our fifth year of the Master’s Program. This is all about our people, invest in our people, and our people will invest in us.”
– Grant Lazaruk, HyLife’s President and CEO

Every year, HyLife selects outstanding individuals in our company and provides them with the opportunity to be part of HyLife’s premium leadership development program. The program offers up-and-coming leaders a chance to develop their skills and gain a broader perspective on the company while working on a project with direct oversight from the Executive Management Team.

Congratulations to our 2020 graduates: Danielle Dolyniuk, Joel Vielfaure, Kevin Froese, Colin Baudry, Oscar Reimer, Kevin Geisheimer, Angela Leboutillier, and Leo Macaraeg. They spent the last two years battling through COVID to complete HyLife’s first Corporate Sustainability Report.

“The fact I got to learn from each other and become a more rounded leader from that was huge for me,” said Masters graduate Danielle Dolyniuk. “I got to understand how I work better and more about my strengths and weaknesses.”

The 2022 Masters group consists of Kevin Jensen, Paul Gauthier, Kaitlyn Cook, Norma Holmes, Bryce Robertson, Steve Denton, Kohta Gunji, Sivadoss Raman Gangadharan, Abigail Wilking, and Suzanne Kish.

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