HyLifePork Launches at Retail in Canada

June 23, 2022
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HyLifePork is now available at retail in Canada for the first time. HyLife has partnered with Earl’s Meat Market in Steinbach, Manitoba to bring world-class eating experiences to our employees and communities.

Because of an all-in approach to delivering the ultimate in taste and trust, HyLife products are sought after around the world. Our premium pork product brand, HyLifePork, meets some of the highest customer standards in the world. Curated for the Japanese retail market, we focus on satisfying the appetite for firm, rich, tender, and heavily-marbled meat.

HyLife is able to consistently deliver on these premium characteristics at scale because of our fully integrated business model, which enables full control of our genetics, nutrition, animal health, and specifications. The quality our customers see and experience is traced all the way back to the beginning of our process.

What makes this moment special? All our hard work results in one thing – premium pork – and through our partnership with Earl’s Meat Market, we can now share memorable eating experiences with our employees and community.

HyLife was founded in La Broquerie, Manitoba in 1994. Over nearly three decades, we continuously improved our processes, adding barns, feed mills, transportation fleet, and optimizing our processing facilities. We’ve grown to operate across Manitoba, expanded into Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Mexico, and employ over 4,500 people globally.

Bringing HyLifePork to Southeast Manitoba is a proud moment for HyLife, and we look forward to enjoying it with everyone around us.



HyLifePork is a prominent premium pork brand in the Japanese retail marketplace. Our restaurant, HyLifePork Table in Daikanyama, Tokyo, is a food excellence hub used by customers throughout Asia to experience and learn about HyLifePork.




HyLifePork products speak for themselves – both by how they look and how they taste. Earl’s Meat Market was chosen to showcase what makes our products special. A family-owned and operated meat outlet store in downtown Steinbach, Earl’s has been committed to quality and customer experience since opening their doors in 2005.


“I know meat – that’s what I do. When I look at HyLife pork and cut it and see that the marbling is perfect every time, there’s a consistent quality there – that’s why I can get behind this. They’re an amazing company to work with. I see how much they’re investing in me so that together we can make this great product available for us all here in the Southeast, it’s just my pleasure to be part of making this connection in the community.”  –  Earl Funk, Owner – Earl’s Meat Market



We regularly bring HyLifePork eating experiences to the communities where we work and play. Learn about our story and where to find our mobile food trailer here:


“Giving back to the community is a big piece of who HyLife is. And Earl is all about the community, so he’s a natural fit for this partnership. Wherever we have employees, we’re trying to show up in those communities so they can have the same exceptional eating experience we provide to our customers every day in Japan. And now through the products sold at Earl’s.”  –  Kevin Geisheimer, Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications – HyLife

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