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Our Heritage

In 1994 in Southeast Manitoba, three Vielfaure brothers (Paul, Denis and Claude) and Don Janzen joined resources to fulfill a common vision: create the most efficient, integrated operating structure for the production of hogs.

Opportunities for Growth

Their company, VL4/Janzen, worked towards self-sufficiency and other opportunities by building or purchasing its own feed mills and vet services division. They expanded their pork production in Canada and the U.S. and, in 2008, ventured into China. VL4/Janzen created a distribution center for central buying of products used throughout the system, established a nutrient management company and maintenance division, started purchasing all feed ingredients in-house and began their own transportation division. Additional measures have been adopted or created over the years to form an efficient, forward-looking company.

As the company expanded, Grant Lazaruk joined as a partner. While the company then became known as Hytek, the focus remained on efficient hog and meat production, finding new opportunities of growth and creating value-added partnerships. In 2008, the processing plant known as Springhill Farms in Neepawa, Manitoba was purchased (www.hylife.com), which processes all commercial stock into pork products sold around the globe.

Farm to Fork

The company’s evolution into a ‘farm-to-fork’ food company provided the opportunity to re-brand the organization. In 2011, Hytek changed its name to HyLife which signifies the company’s promise to provide high quality food while retaining the values that made them successful. The new logo represents an integrated business brand that begins with a trusted food source and results in a premium pork product on your plate.

While HyLife has grown into a global company, with facilities across North America, China, Mexico and beyond, the company headquarters remain in Southeast Manitoba. HyLife wears its homegrown principles with pride, as demonstrated in living up to the values that are the cornerstones of our business. The management and staff believe deeply in giving back to the communities in which we do business.

Our Timeline

3 Vielfaure Brothers purchase their first 250 sow farm from their father, Albert Vielfaure in La Broquerie, Manitoba.

Don Janzen purchases a poultry farm from his father.

Don Janzen starts pig farming in Randolph, Manitoba.

The Vielfaure Brothers and Don Janzen join to create VL4/Janzen, a company focused on creating the most efficient and integrated operating structure for the production of hogs. Construction of their first sow farm, Tritek, takes place.

VL4/Janzen starts selling wean and feeder pigs in the United States. Construction of the first Boar Genetic Transfer Center takes place in La Broquerie.

First finishing barn in Manitoba is built and the VL4/Janzen feed mill is expanded.

VL4/Janzen purchases a genetic company from Harold and Marjie Fast called Fast Genetics in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan, which involved construction of multiplication barns in the coming years in Canada and United States.

VL4/Janzen renames the company to Hytek Ltd. with a focus on efficient hog and meat production.

Hytek gets into transportation by purchasing trucks to haul grain, feed, livestock and meat. This also included construction of truck washes and bake bays.

A partnership develops between Hytek and Ceres Groupe to expand genetic and nutrition sales in Eastern Canada.

Hytek signs a joint venture agreement with Tianzow Food for the startup of a genetic company in China.

Hytek ventures into China when its first shipment of Great Grand Parent stock (purebred genetics) from Fast Genetics is flown overseas to start the first nucleus herd in China. This year, Hytek also purchases a processing plant named Springhill Farms in Neepawa, Manitoba – a first step towards becoming a fully integrated pork company selling pork products worldwide.

Hytek is rebranded and the company name changes to HyLife Ltd. to better represent an integrated food company. The new logo depicts the full cycle of farm-to-fork applications of wheat sheath, green fields, and blue skies. Under the new branding strategy, HyLife creates two divisions: Farms and Foods. This year, HyLife also stretches their reach by exporting into Japan, creating specialized pork products for the Japanese market.

HyLife achieves Platinum Status in Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

HyLife formulates a unique herb diet to create a new brand in Japan called Herb Sangenton.

HyLife starts construction on a new 250,000 tonne feed mill called Randolph Feed Mill in Randolph, Manitoba.

HyLife announces a $125 million expansion to their fully integrated company business model, including new barns, a feed mill (Killarney, MB) and a major expansion to the Neepawa processing plant.

HyLife creates a new joint venture called Avoir HyLife Mexico which includes two additional value-added processing plants in Mexico to produce products for the Mexican and Japanese markets.

HyLife opens a new restaurant called HyLife Pork Table as part of our brand marketing strategy in Daikayama Japan.

Avoir HyLife Mexico undertakes an expansion of the Mexico plant in Salvatierra, Guanajuato Mexico to increase their product offering in Mexico and Japan.