Taking Care of Our Employees

Sustainability Taking Care Of Our Employees


To achieve our vision of being the best food company in the world, we understand that it is essential to take care of our employees to retain, acquire, and empower the best human resources.

Our materiality assessment helped us to identify that diversity and inclusion, employee fulfillment, and employee health and wellness are high-priority topics that are summarized under the ‘taking care of our employee’s section’ of the report.

In this our inaugural report, we will highlight recent accomplishments in the past few years and look to the future as to how we can continuously improve. Below is a brief snapshot of some of the highlights in the upcoming section, along with the goals we have defined.

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Prioritized measuring our gender mix amongst HyLife’s leadership teams based out of Canada and the U.S.

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Launched HyLife’s improved Performance Coaching Process.

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Creatively problem solved to run our employee semi-annual meat order during the pandemic.

We proactively researched and implemented preventative COVID-19 measures to keep our employees, animals, and communities safe during the pandemic.

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Reduced total injuries with over 30 days off work by 12%.

Decreased time lost by 38% through Return-to-Work programs. We went from 762 days paid down to 469.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Engage in the employee resource structure listed in this section of the report to take the next steps to develop our first Employee Resource Group (ERG) in 2021. KPI Start our first ERG in 2021

  • Employee Fulfillment

    • To implement virtual employee engagement events to encourage participation and connection from employees working remotely by 2022. KPI Complete by December 2021

Our Covid-19 Commitment

Throughout 2020 we were told to stay home to stay safe. As an essential service, it’s our job to help feed the world and many of our employees could not stay home. At HyLife, we took the responsibility of being an essential service seriously. We committed to fighting together as a company against Covid-19.

We committed:

  • To our employees – to keep our teams safe while they support their families and our communities.
  • To our customers – to provide a safe and secure food supply for the communities we serve.
  • To our animals – to provide them with the essentials for a quality life.
  • To our communities – to ensure we supported the safety of the communities we operate in.

From the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, guided by our team of medical professionals, we developed and implemented effective preventative measures across the company to meet our responsibility of taking care of our employees, our customers, our animals, and our communities. As the Covid-19 pandemic changed and progressed throughout the year, we continually adjusted and improved our measures and adapted our approach.