Taking Care of Our Communities

Sustainability Taking Care Of Our Communities


Food safety is the top-ranked topic on our materiality assessment. Our partners, customers, employees, and leadership agree that food safety is a top priority. It is essential to our stakeholders to produce safe and healthy food that they can trust.

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$750,000 of donations made to local health care organizations in 2020

Over $200,000 in donations resulting from our annual HyLife Fun Days to various non-profit organizations


  • Philanthropy and Community Involvement

    • Contribute over one million in philanthropic donations.
    • HyLife is developing a program to provide employees with paid time off each year to volunteer at a local charity or nonprofit organization of their choice. Our employees are our most valuable resource. We feel there is no better way to contribute to our communities than giving some of their time to organizations that could use it.
    • We will focus on helping those who don’t have food in our communities in 2021 by continuing to provide our local food banks with pork products.
    • Monetary donations will still be the primary source of support for local charities, with an increased focus on homelessness in our communities.

Our Covid-19 Commitment

Throughout 2020 we were told to stay home to stay safe. As an essential service, it’s our job to help feed the world and many of our employees could not stay home. At HyLife, we took the responsibility of being an essential service seriously. We committed to fighting together as a company against COVID-19.

We committed:

  • To our employees – to keep our teams safe while they support their families and our communities
  • To our customers – to provide a safe and secure food supply for the communities we serve.
  • To our animals – to provide them with the essentials for a quality life.
  • To our communities – to ensure we supported the safety of the communities we operate in.

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, guided by our team of medical professionals, we developed and implemented effective preventative measures across the company to meet our responsibility of taking care of our employees, our customers, our animals, and our communities. As the COVID-19 pandemic changed and progressed throughout the year, we continually adjusted and improved our measures and adapted our approach.