HyLife Fun Days 2022 | HyLife

Thank you to our sponsors, employees, and committees for making such an impact!

HyLife Fun Days began as a weekend event for HyLife employees to come together, unwind, and celebrate our time with each other. After a few years, our communities and business partners became involved. Together, we’ve been able to raise more than $1.7 million for local charities. Since the first event in 2011, we’ve grown. Our fully integrated operations have seen HyLife impact numerous communities where our employees live and play. To involve everyone, HyLife Fun Days has grown too. In 2022, after a two-year hiatus, we extended the opportunity to be a part of this special event to even more of our employees, communities, and partners. We’re happy to share the spirit of empowerment, volunteerism, and togetherness with you all.

Killarney and Area Foodbank

The Killarney and Area Foodbank has been in operation for approximately 28 years. Over the past few years, they have seen the Foodbank grow from 25 to 40 registered client families. With the basic purpose to provide supplemental food assistance to families in need, they service a large area encompassing up to seven Rural Municipalities.

Windom Lions Club

The Windom chapter of the Lions Club is involved in countless causes including youth athletic programs, community clean-up, and food bank collections.

The group plans to use the funds to support the chapter’s biggest endeavour – construction of a community picnic shelter at scenic Tegels Park in Windom.

“We want to make a difference in our community and people’s lives. We want to impact both in a positive way. As our motto is ‘We Serve.’ We always say if you need two Lions Club members to help at something, a minimum of ten will show up.” – Eric Haken, 2nd Vice President, Lions Club Windom

Safe Families Steinbach

Safe Families Steinbach strives to create supportive community around overwhelmed parents by providing volunteers who can temporarily care for children through respite or up to three month long placements.

Safe Families has a 96% success rate for children reuniting with their parents and families moving towards wholeness and emotional health without needing further involvement with the Child Welfare System.

Neepawa Kin Club

“Serving the Community’s Greatest Needs” since 1976, the group has made a significant impact through the Hugs for the Holidays project, which reaches out to more than 200 seniors for Christmas, countless meal deliveries, and aid for playgrounds, seniors housing complexes, and scholarships.

“HyLife’s support confirms that we are positively impacting our community. This will mean that we can see the Cycle Without Age project come to fruition and an opportunity to look towards further impacting the community through other projects. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to be said for the appreciation of support.” – Amanda Naughton-Gale, Neepawa Kin Club



“We are beyond grateful. We are so excited, we are so happy, and gobsmacked. The amount of help that we’re going to be able to supply people with is amazing. This kind of money gets us a cold room and tons of food to put in it, so, our little white house with the orange door is not shutting down anytime soon.”


–  Giselle Beaupré, Secretary (and Client Advocate), Killarney Foodbank




The first official Windom, Minnestoa HyLife Fun Days, was hugely successful. Employees and their families had the opportunity to connect, play a few sports and enjoy a meal together.

The Windom Lions Club was also on hand for a special announcement. President Alan Saffert has been with the local chapter for 45 years and was thrilled to hear that HyLife Fun Days, and our generous sponsors, would give $40 000 to the club’s Tegels Park shelter project.

“My jaw almost hit the floor. It was such a great surprise. This is going to make a huge difference here. The entire community will be able to use it. We never had a building in Windom where we could all gather to have a celebration where we didn’t have to worry about weather or building a stage. The building will all be covered, and we can enjoy our beautiful park and each other.”

–  Alan Saffert, President, Windom Lions Club


“I was stunned. This started as a dream. Whenever you start a project, it can be daunting how much money you need to raise. I never thought forty thousand would be on that cheque. It is giving us a huge start to getting this housing off the ground. To be able to start out of the gate with all these generous Fun Days sponsors and also have the community support that comes along with the donation is amazing.”


–  Michelle Peters, Director, Safe Families Steinbach


“We are just blown away. $40,000 for us to do so many good things in our community, we are so blessed and so excited to see where this is going to lead us. We’ve got a couple of projects that we know that this is going to help them flourish. This is also great seed money to start something even bigger. We are super excited and so grateful for HyLife.”


– Amanda Naughton-Gale, Neepawa Kin Club