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Tree Planting in Killarney

This month, Shelterbelt Tree Sales & Planting Serivce, has been planting trees around our newly constructed Feed Mill and Barn operations near Killarney, Manitoba. Trees are being planted in 3 row, multi-species shelterbelts, around the perimeter of each location.

“Carefully designed rows of trees around the perimeter of a livestock operation help to blend the facility with the surrounding features of the local landscape”, says Matt Reimer, HyLife’s Director of Environment. “In addition to providing visual screening and a sound barrier, rows of trees also help to trap dust, minimize erosion, and reduce snow accumulation.”

This tree planting project is being carried out to fulfill our commitment to the local municipality. At HyLife we take care of our employees, our customers and our communities.

Check out some of the tree planting in this photo gallery.