Spring Meat Order a Big Success | HyLife

Spring Meat Order a Big Success

The spring meat order in La Broquerie was a big success! Our dedicated team went above and beyond last week, helping stock up employees’ vehicles with premium HyLife pork products.

The employee meat program happens twice every year. To say thank to all employees, HyLife gives a $125 credit at each of the spring and fall meat orders. Additionally, employees may also purchase up to $600 of pork.

“It was a little tricky this year to facilitate,” said Kim Pappel, Senior Manager of Office Administration. “We discussed many options, including delaying the meat program, but our executive team felt strongly that we needed to do this for our employees.”

Last week, a volunteer team used a new warehouse location that could accommodate drive-up traffic. Typically, the meat program distribution happens over a day. But this year, to maximize physical distancing, meat was picked-up over an entire week.

“After going through several options, we landed on the process that we implemented,” added Pappel, who was pleased with how smooth everything went. “I would like to say a big thank you to the production team for their help. I would also like to thank everyone for following the guidelines we put in place and for coming in person at their designated time.”

HyLife has offered this employee meat program since its beginnings in the early nineties, and this time, the company did everything in its power to keep the tradition going as safely as possible during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“I feel it is always important to say thank you to our staff, but more so this year,” Pappel added. “There are a lot of employees that are working from home to allow for physical distancing in the office, and that comes with its own set of challenges. Everyone is doing what they can to ensure that we are able to continue our work as a critical service.”