National Brothers Day

Today is National Brother’s Day and we are featuring two sets of brothers out of the many that work at HyLife!

Claude & Denis Vielfaure have been here since day one. We asked them both what it has been like working alongside another brother for their entire career.

“I’ve been working with Denis since I was 18 years old,” said Claude, who is the President at HyLife. “It’s been pretty special and something that you don’t see often in businesses. Its been a tremendous experience.”

“Our father raised us to work together and I don’t know anything different – that’s the fun part,” said Denis, Executive COO and brother of Claude, about working with him all these years. “There’s always that extra level of trust which is comforting.”

Filipino brothers, Crisanto & Crisaldy Cristobal are twins and both work together as Skilled Butchers at HyLife Foods in Neepawa! Crisaldy started at HyLife in March of 2014 and Crisanto has been here since January of 2017.  They both enjoy working together and having the opportunity to bring their families to Canada from the Philippines.

Their favorite time of year in Canada is in the summer when they both tend to their family garden!

Happy Brother’s Day!

Pictured (from left to right): Claude, Denis, Crisanto, and Crisaldy