Logistics Using New Tech to Keep Everyone Safe

Winter driving is tricky no matter what you’re driving, but it gets even more interesting when behind the steering wheel of an 18 wheeler.

That’s why HyLife’s Logistics Management has turned to new ways to prepare their professional drivers and make sure their team of 78 drivers can handle any condition.

“HyLife does simulator training for all new drivers before winter hits,” said HyLife’s Driver Relations Guy Walker about his team now incorporating a driving simulator into their regular training.

With HyLife trucks driving throughout the countryside, getting in and out can be risky due to ‘stop time,’ poor visibility, poor traction and the increased unpredictability of other drivers on the road.

Walker adds that HyLife takes a lot of steps during the cold months of the year to keep everyone safe. He says they only send experienced drivers out during the worst weather; hold drivers until daylight to determine if it is safe and get dispatchers to plan heavy truck traffic before and after forecasted storms.

Every year HyLife’s professional drivers surpass seven million miles on the road. Even more impressive is the fact that the team currently has eight drivers who have achieved over 1 million accident-free miles with the company.

The HyLife Logistics team is always looking for individuals who want to move their career behind the wheel of a truck. If you have friends or family who are looking for an opportunity, get them to contact Drive@HyLife.com

Pictured Above – Front: Reinhard Penner – Back Left: Ron Schellenberg, Senior Vice President Transportation, Logistics and Procurement – Back Right: Gerard Tetrault, Director of Logistics and Transportation