“HyLife Pork has Changed my Life”

A Japanese store manager has been telling everyone about HyLife Pork after experiencing the company’s passion for pork during a B2B workshop at the HyLife Pork Table Restaurant in Daikanyama, Japan.

“I’m so blessed with what I do,” said Junko Hirose who is the assistant store manager at a UCoop store in Chigasaki, Japan. “I love sharing the story of HyLife Pork – HyLife Pork has changed my Life.”

Traditionally, Japan is very loyal to domestic pork because of import pork’s lack of transparency. HyLife continues to work extremely hard to prove that this isn’t the case.

“Our customers value the background of the products they purchase,” Hirose added. “I was disappointed that consumers were avoiding HyLife Pork because it wasn’t a domestic product. Even though HyLife puts a lot of effort in providing a superior product with taste and trust.”

‘Taste & Trust’ are the keywords in HyLife’s marketing strategy throughout Japan, showcasing the company’s integrated transparent approach to production along with a taste profile created specifically for the Japanese consumer.

Hirose admits that her new revelation of HyLife Pork started in 2018 after a store trainer encouraged her to go to a HyLife Pork B2B workshop.

“How can imported pork be better than domestic pork,” she said to her trainer that day as she skeptically signed up to go and experience HyLife’s story first hand.

Hirose says everyone in her workshop group paused to look at each other in surprise after their first taste of HyLife Pork’s Shabu-Shabu. She adds that it didn’t take long and everyone quickly went back for seconds, thirds, and fourths because they couldn’t believe how good it tasted.

She immediately thought to herself, “I need to communicate this story to my suppliers and customers. They need to know HyLife Pork dedication to taste and trust at an affordable price.”

Hirose began to create her in-store posters and demos on her initiative to raise awareness. Her efforts not only influenced her customers, but it also caught the attention of UCoop’s executive team who asked Yokose to share her story to UCoop’s 98 store managers at the company’s annual general meeting.

HyLife’s Executive COO Denis Vielfaure heard about Hirose’s passion towards the company’s product and went to visit Hirose’s store while at HyLife Pork Table’s 2nd Anniversary this past year.

“This is the first time for me to get that far down to the consumer,” said Vielfaure, who had the chance to meet Hirose, Hirose’s friends and customers. “We have connected with retailers and distributors in the past, but when you connect the dot all the way down to the consumer, that is super-humbling.”

Vielfaure added that they have spent their lives working to grow the company from farm-to-fork, starting with live production, to processing the pork further, and then creating Japanese partnerships.

“Kudos to all the employees in our company,” said Vielfaure about the 2100 plus employees at HyLife. “It is a long chain of events to make this happen. A tap on the back to everyone for being a part of this.”

*Pictured Above: Junko Hirose and HyLife’s Executive COO Denis Vielfaure