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HyLife 2020 Volunteers of the Year

Earlier this year, HyLife employees Kevin Verestiuk and Darwin Dequito were awarded with the HyLife annual volunteer of the year awards. Kevin and Darwin both exemplify tremendous commitment to their communities through volunteerism and were recognized by their peers for this award.

Kevin works in our HyLife Barns Division as a Production Manager out of La Broquerie, Manitoba.

Kevin has been volunteering since his teens, starting with his sister’s baseball team and an Eastman Raiders football team in Steinbach, Manitoba. “My passion for sports and helping others learn about sports is what got me into volunteering,” said Verestiuk. Most recently, Kevin has spent the past 6 years coaching his 3 sons’ baseball and hockey teams. Multiple teams each year! He spends up to 6 to 7 days a week at the hockey rink and spends additional hours at home planning for drills and practices.

“The past few hockey seasons I helped Steinbach minor hockey as an on ice instructor for preseason practices,” added Verestiuk about his recent volunteer experience. “This season (2020-2021), I volunteered to manage 2 hockey teams which was a challenge during the pandemic.”

“My past coaches have given so much of their time and knowledge which is why it means a lot that I am able to do the same and give back to the community,” – Kevin Verestiuk

In 2020, Kevin also joined Steinbach minor baseball as a committee member and rep for mosquito and grand slam age groups. Even though the season experience was limited by COVID-19, Kevin was still able to provide these children with the opportunity to practice and play games. He also coached a fall baseball team.

“My past coaches have given so much of their time and knowledge which is why it means a lot that I am able to do the same and give back to the community,”  said a very thankful Verestiuk.

Kevin was excited and grateful to choose Steinbach Minor Baseball as his recipient of HyLife’s $1,000 donation. Steinbach Minor Baseball provides children in the community, of all skill levels, the opportunity to be a part of a team and learn key life values. Every year, HyLife provides each award winner with the opportunity to select a charity/organization of their choice to receive a $1,000 donation on behalf of the company.

“Thank you to my co-workers for nominating me for this award. I feel honored,” concluded Kevin.


Darwin works at our HyLife Pork Plant as a Production Manager in Neepawa, Manitoba.

Darwin has been a member of PTB Neepawa since 2015. “I was one of the builders of this group here in Neepawa,” said Dequito about his involvement with the group. Many of the participants in this biking group include HyLife employees from Neepawa who together join in on very active and healthy outdoor activities.

“I think this is something that we can pass on to our younger generation, our kids,”Darwin Dequito

“I fell in love with volunteering especially through building bike trails,” shared Dequito. “We are always requesting every year before the summer starts to clear out some trails in Riding Mountain National Park, Bison Butte in Winnipeg, and Minnedosa Trail Park. Recently the HyLife Back Forty here in Neepawa.” Darwin added that he feels it is his obligation to give back something to his community through building bike trails.

Darwin was proud to share and say that building bike trails in the community is his way of giving back his extra time. “I think this is something that we can pass on to our younger generation, our kids,” said the forward thinking trail builder.

“I would like to donate the $1,000 dollars to the Town of Neepawa’s HyLife Back Forty for continuing to support local riders, families, and kids to have a safe recreation and eventually a trail park that will be well known in the province (of Manitoba),” said Dequito while announcing the organization of his choice for HyLife’s honorary $1,000 donation. HyLife Back Forty is a brand new 40 acre multi use trail park that officially opened to Neepawa and the public in fall of 2020.

Congratulations Darwin and Kevin on your 2020 HyLife Volunteer of the Year awards! Thank you for all that you do through your volunteer work in the community!