From Swine Technician to Leadership, Mitch Martel Shares her HyLife Journey | HyLife

From Swine Technician to Leadership, Mitch Martel Shares her HyLife Journey

From a young age, Mitch Martel, HyLife Director of Sow, was all in on agriculture.

Having been born and raised on a dairy farm, Mitch figured the family business would be her path. Her plans shifted when her father sold the business at the age of 16, and she tried a new journey in physical education. After so much time away, her heart pulled her back to agriculture and La Broquerie, Manitoba, Canada.

“I just wanted to get back into farming. So, when I heard the Vielfaure brothers were building, I knew there would be an opportunity to come home. I haven’t looked back. I’ve never regretted it once, not once. I’ve loved my job ever since I started, and every step since.”
– Mitch Martel, Director of Sow.

Mitch’s career began with a Swine Technician position.

“When I started, we were 20-25 employees. And we’d, have our meetings in the feed mill upstairs, the one here in La Broquerie. The guys would have their desks at the bottom, three Vielfaure brothers (Paul, Denis and Claude), Don Janzen and Grant Lazaruk – he was there at that time. It was a nice, cozy family. HyLife has grown and grown, and it still feels like a family today.”

As HyLife grew, so did Mitch’s roles. She spent time in research and eventually earned her way to our Director of Sow. Having experienced almost every position in our farm operations, this has given her a strong understanding of the business, our people and culture.

“It’s been a long journey, but it’s been a blast. It’s so much fun. I say that, but it’s because of the people. The people are so awesome to work with. We have a great company. We all help each other out. We go through tough times and good times. And it seems you’re not by yourself. You know, you always have somebody that can help. It’s a great big family.”

Mitch has certainly come full circle and shares how leading the barn where her career began can feel surreal.

“Sometimes, I have to pinch myself. It is amazing in this industry if you put your heart in and you work hard – when I say work hard, do everything and anything to get that experience. I never thought I would be here in this role, but I knew I would be at this company.”

Thank you, Mitch, for 28 years of service. We are excited to see what is next for you and your team.