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Empowering HR Manager

As Kevin Cook walks down the hallways at HyLife, he frequently gets stopped to chat about the local hockey team’s big win or to help answer an employee’s question. It is easy to see why the Human Resources Manager is well-liked and respected.

Right out of high school, Kevin started his HyLife journey (then Springhill Farms) on the production floor in packaging. Having experienced every position on that line, leadership noticed his connection with peers and offered him an HR manager role. He was up for the challenge and worked hard to balance both opportunity and family.

“I did an online certificate course in human resource management; it took a number of years. Then, of course, I had two little kids in hockey. So that usually tells you that the person is pretty busy – coaching hockey, coaching baseball, being involved with the MJHL team, Chamber of Commerce, and now adding school. It was tricky, but the support that HyLife and my boss at the time gave me got me through it,” shared Cook.

Thor Eiriksson, Executive Director of Operations, was another leader who became an important mentor to Kevin during his transition into the new role.

“Thor told me, ‘This is HyLife, they selected you, don’t go out there and change who you are, because who you are got you here.’ Those are words that have stayed with me forever. So, no matter what you’re going to do, it has to be a piece of who you are. Who you are got you to where you are today.”
– Kevin Cook, HyLife Human Resources Manager

Its advice Cook has followed and now also takes pride in sharing work wisdom with his teenage sons.

“Get a little more focused, understand the job, understand the leadership and what they’re going through. Everything out there, from the floor cleaners all the way up to leadership, is a team, and there’s a purpose at the end of it. Understanding that now all the hard work that you put in a job can lead to a career. That is something I would have never guessed in 1995.”

Another priority Kevin instills is being a true community partner, a value HyLife echoes throughout the company.

“I get satisfaction in knowing that Neepawa and everywhere that HyLife operates, they are involved and give back. Small towns like Neepawa often rely on corporate support for different things. So, our involvement in the community or fundraising makes a difference.”

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