Donald ‘Donnie’ Wilkinson – Employee Feature

Donald ‘Donnie’ Wilkinson is a Strapper Operator in our Shipping department and has been working at HyLife for 25 years.

We ran into Donnie last week and asked him a couple questions.

“Working at HyLife is like a family,” said Wilkinson about what he has enjoyed most while working at HyLife. “There is always great teamwork in our department.”

Donnie also told us about a favorite memory from his time at HyLife. When the whole plant moved over to the new building, he was tasked with cleaning the Strapper Machines and Printers to make sure they were spotless. That was something he really enjoyed.

“I am thankful that I have been able to work at HyLife because I have a good boss,” added Wilkinson about his boss Jason Wilson who is HyLife’s Director of Distribution, Premise and Warehousing. “He trusts me and listens to my suggestions. I also like working with the Filipinos, they are good workers!”