Art Heier – Employee Feature

Art Heier is a Breeding Technician at our Hypro Sow Barn. He has been working at HyLife for 20 years – 12 years at our Randolph Sow Barn and the last 8 years at Hypro.

Art is retiring at the end of the month and we wanted to ask him a couple questions about his time at HyLife.

“I really have had the opportunity to work with a great bunch of people,” said Art, about what he has enjoyed most while working at HyLife. “It has stayed mostly the same and we have had a lot of good times together.”

“I know what I won’t miss – getting up early in the morning,” he said laughingly, while asked about what he is going to miss. “I’ll miss the guys for sure and I’ve worked with livestock for 50 years. I’ll miss that for a while too.”

We also asked him to share a favorite memory. “Would be back close to around when I started, and Don Janzen would come and have coffee with us every Monday morning – that is a favorite memory.”

Thank you, Art, for all that you have done for HyLife over the last 20 years! We wish you all the best in retirement!

Pictured: Art in front of Hypro Sow Barn