HyLife Welcomes New Crop of Summer Students

Last week Thursday, at our La Broquerie office, we hosted a lunch for all our University summer students. This provided us with an excellent opportunity to introduce all of our summer students to HyLife and thank them for choosing us!

“I am in the faculty of science and have found myself applying many different concepts that I have learned at school,” says Alyssa Lavallee, when asked about how working at HyLife relates to her education.

“I study microbiology and have found interest in learning about the diseases found within the barns,” she added, about working in one of HyLife’s Sow Barns this summer. “I definitely think having this experience under my belt will benefit me in the future.”

We also talked to Barak Doell, who is coming into his second summer working with HyLife’s Continuous Improvement team.

“When talking to HyLife employees prior to being hired, it was evident that HyLife values their people and provides them with plenty of opportunities to develop their skills,” said Doell, the University of Manitoba Engineering Student. “This confirmed HyLife’s mission statement that says, ‘we take care of our employees, our customers, and our communities’ and made it easy for me to decide to join the HyLife team.”

This summer HyLife is employing 29 University Students across 12 different departments!


Pictured: Barak Doell – Continuous Improvement Summer Student