Sexing Technologies Acquires Fast Genetics

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

SEXING TECHNOLOGIES, the global livestock reproductive services innovator, will acquire swine genetics leader FAST GENETICS from HYLIFE™ with an anticipated closing date of July 21, 2015. The deal will allow the introduction of sex sorted sperm to the swine industry.

The acquisition will bring accelerated genetic improvement at Fast Genetics by skewing gender ratio in its nucleus farms and through leveraging high-index males to service more females via deep uterine and low-dose semen technology. The sex sorted sperm technology will also allow for significant output advantages throughout Fast Genetics’ multiplication. In the future, Fast Genetics’ customers will be able to purchase semen selected for male or female offspring, thereby having the ability to predetermine gender and tailor their product based on individual production economics and packer relationships. The acquisition of Fast Genetics diversifies Sexing Technologies’ business and expands the scope of its operations into the pig genetics business.

Fast Genetics will continue its dynamic and strategic partnership with Hylife™, Canada’s leading pork producer, supplying maternal and terminal genetics for HyLife’s™ sow herds. HyLife™ will continue its multiplication commitment by providing Fast Genetics’ high-health gilts to the United States and Canada.

Customers will notice little change in Fast Genetics’ commitment and service. Shannon Meyers will continue his executive leadership as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. Throughout the last decade, Meyers lead Fast Genetics through its largest and most successful growth era, expanding its operations throughout Canada, the United States, and into Asia. “These are extremely exciting times for Fast Genetics customers and employees. Our world class genetics program will see accelerated improvements with the implementation of the most innovative technology in the industry” says Meyers.

Gregg BeVier, first hired by Sexing Technologies to introduce its sex sorted sperm technology to the swine industry, will become Fast Genetics’ Chief Executive Officer based in the United States. BeVier brings over 30 years of senior management experience, adding significant scientific and managerial knowledge to Fast Genetics’ business. “Fast Genetics offers excellent health and genetics and we are excited about integrating sexed sperm combined with advanced genomic testing to further improve our products at a more rapid rate” said BeVier. “The best genetics and health combined with the best reproductive and genomic technologies available will better position Fast Genetics’ customers for the globally competitive environment.”

“The sale of Fast Genetics will allow HyLife™ and Sexing Technologies to continue offering world class products to the global marketplace,” explains Grant Lazaruk, HyLife’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are looking forward to continuing our efforts in providing the best pork food products in an environmentally sustainable manner, with access to even stronger genetic products.”

Fast Genetics is committed to maintaining its integrated business model approach to genetic selection, but will significantly improve it by amplifying its already expanding genomics platform and including exclusive sexed sorted and low dose sperm technology not available anywhere else in the industry. Sexing Technologies and Fast Genetics are excited about the new relationship and mutual benefits and opportunities that will follow. Sexing Technologies and Fast Genetics look forward to providing even greater value to Fast Genetics’ customers.

More on Fast Genetics

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Fast Genetics provides highly prolific maternal genetic lines and terminal genetic lines that have unrivaled carcass value, meat quality, and growth characteristics. Fast Genetics supplies the global market with high-health and world-class performing swine breeding stock. To learn more about Fast Genetics visit

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Navasota, Texas, based Sexing Technologies is best known for its cutting-edge, proprietary process for commercially separating X-bearing (female) chromosomes from Y-bearing (male) chromosomes in cattle, horse, and deer semen for use in artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization, allowing producers the freedom to determine offspring gender. To learn more about Sexing Technologies visit

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